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summer + life so soon

April 28, 2011

I’m not expecting some “Blogger of the Month” award for frequency in posting…or even consistency in posting…

Don’t worry, I realize I’ve been MIA and for that let me sincerely apologize.

But can I just say that I had my very last undergraduate college class EVER just a few hours ago?

You might think that I’m ready to drop the books completely, but already I’m waiting for the chance to spend an hour or two relaxing with only the best collection of books in my house.

You bet we keep our Betty Crocker’s Cookbook intact with a rubber band. That’s quality right there, and many a food stained, out of order page to prove it.

No more classes. I can hardly believe it.

Honestly, it hasn’t hit me.

I’m sure it will soon enough but because I have a few more final assignments to hand in, I’m still on that “almost there, not quite yet” trip.

It’s just that spring is doing its crazy, summer is coming soon, and life itself is on the horizon.   

So while I finish up my schoolwork (job applications, you’re just going to have to wait), here’s a quick flashback to the lovely Easter weekend I had.

There’s nothing quite like coming downstairs Easter Sunday morning ready for Mass and the celebration of the Resurrection and seeing an assortment of Easter baskets all aglow with the morning rays.

All in the family.

From left to right is my cousin, older sister, me, and my younger sister.

I must say, we’re a pretty stylish group.

What do you mean did I ask my little sister to slouch so I would look taller?

…maybe just a little…

Easter, you’ve come and gone too quickly, but I’m enjoying plenty of egg salad, thanking God for all His glory (while simultaneously placing a lot of faith in Him and praying for His intercession in my life and future right now), and holding on to the scent of fresh spring flowers.

Now, because Easter candy can only fuel me so much, I’m off to eat a quick power snack and get my work done.

Wish me luck (and please, bear with me and my current hectic schedule).

Thank you!

P.S. One thing I’m most excited about when everything dies down a bit is catching up on your blogs! Trust me, they’re more than a comfort and joy 🙂


What’s your favorite pick me up/ power food? Lately I’ve been loving bananas with a little “butter” of yogurt, a sprinkle or two of cinnamon, and a big spoonful of pb on the side.

When you accomplish something or come to a milestone in your life, do you find it takes a while to really sink in? Definitely. I’ve found that I’ll think about something like that more weeks or months later rather than right at that moment.

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