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not your grandma’s meatballs

November 10, 2010
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When two of my siblings and I were younger, every Sunday afternoon we would make the long trip down the driveway (really, it was 5 minutes but for our 5, 6, 7- year old legs, it seemed a lot longer) to Nanny and Poppy’s house. We could depend on a few things there. One, Nan would be in the kitchen over the stove. Two, Pop would be working in his garden or taking an afternoon nap in his chair. Three, we would relish these memories for years to come. Not only were the contents of Nan’s pantry any child’s dream of goodies, or the possibility of Pop giving us a dollar that day a thought to keep us on our toes, but we were about to have such real. good. food. We always feasted on pasta and meatballs, bathed in marinara sauce, with freshly grated parmesan. The smells wafting from that kitchen practically carried us on a cloud to their house.

Though the tradition may have faded as the years passed and tacked on to our ages, I still cherish each and every one of those Sunday afternoon memories my mind can gather. I always loved Nan’s, as well as my mom’s and other grandma’s, meatballs. Since going gluten-free due to an intolerance, I knew some changes were in order.

Traditional meatballs in my family’s house consist of breadcrumbs. They make them tender and give the meatballs a moist consistency. And yum. I love them. But gluten-free bread wasn’t bringing about the desired results. My mom and I got to thinking. Oats. Let’s try them with oats! The result? A deliciously hearty, nutty flavor that makes me scoff at the idea of breadcrumbs in meatballs.

I suggest you gather these ingredients and get to work. It’s worth it on so many levels.  

You’ll need:

1/2 to 3/4 C. of Grated Parmesan Cheese

3/4- tsp Salt

1/2- tsp Pepper

3/4 C. Quick-Cooking Oats

1- tsp of paste Garlic (3 cloves finely chopped)

1- Tbsp of paste Parsley (1/4- C. fresh chopped parsley)

1- Egg

1- Small Onion chopped small

1 & 1/2 pounds of Chopped Meat

2- Tbsp Water

Mix all of your ingredients together and roll into balls.

Bake in your oven at 350 (or fry depending on your preference) for about 20 minutes depending on the size of the meatballs and how hot your oven runs. Test and add more time if needed.

To get some of the natural grease off, just dap on a paper towel.

Use however you like. You can go traditional with some pasta and red sauce, throw them in a salad, make a meatball sandwich, etc. The possibilities and the flavor combinations are endless!

But above all, enjoy, and make some memories.

What’s a great childhood memory you have revolving around a meal or food?

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  1. November 11, 2010 9:57 pm

    I live meatball sandwiches. I love that you used oats instead of breadcrumbs. I have to try that next time!


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