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Recap and Uncork

September 17, 2010

  Last night we had quite the storm in our area. There were winds, rumbles of thunder, streaks of lightning, sheets of rain, the whole bit showed up. Since it was such a dramatic affair I stayed in at my apartment and was kept company with a good friend of mine who I met while studying abroad in Ireland. We didn’t know each other before we left (even though we go to the same University) but in Ireland we became great friends. I’m so happy we go to the same school still!

Here we are in Ireland together. Some how this is our only picture together? And I had to crop it? Hm… that must be remedied. asap.  


We did the usual sleepover routine consisting of talking, movies, eating, talking.

You know how we do

This morning I was disappointed to see that the weather was quite dreary. It was supposed to all blow away by morning but apparently the clouds had another agenda. I got up and went to the gym hoping it would clear up by the time I got out but no such luck. 

It’s not even raining, it’s just overcast, but it’s giving the day a mood where all I want to do is curl up, watch movies, sip hot chocolate, and not do school work. I buckled down, though, started plowing through my readings, assignments, and reports because tonight my sister is coming to visit and then tomorrow we are off to Boston for the night. Chaos may ensue, howling make resound, but either way, it’s going to be a good time. 

By around 3pm, or should I be honest and say it was 12pm?, we’ll go with 3pm, I decided this day needed a little something extra. 

May I introduce you to this good gentleman? 

His name is fine. And I like him.

I decided to make do with what I had in the apartment and enjoyed a few sips of this lovely concoction. You know, to get the creative juices flowing, the blood running to the brain, etc.

All in the name of academic success, I assure you.

Gentle sigh, I could already feel that the words were going to come easier, that my pen was going to just fly off the paper with energy to write down every. single. fact. to memorize. I’m suspecting that you don’t believe me… 

Alright. Since you don’t believe me anyway…my little study break soon turned into a guilty pleasure. Confession: Something I absolutely love to do to get away from school, stress, and what have you, is go to the Yankee Candle in town. The store always has such festive decorations that just transport you to a magical world of whatever time of year it is. I (almost) feel like Lucy walking through the wardrobe. The shop does such a great job of creating the mood, enhancing the festive atmosphere, and easing my stress. You really have to try it sometime. I think I own maybe five candles total, and only 3 are from Yankee Candle, but trust me, the store has a gift. 

I didn’t go to the store because my car was blocked in by the oil truck filling up someone’s tank (Ok, and I was in my pajamas), but I did happen to have one of their catalogs that just arrived yesterday in the mail. I didn’t have a chance to look through it yet. Who am I to pass up an opportunity like this now? 

A little vino and some glossy spreads and I could practically smell the candles right off the pages. 

I think they should do a scratch and sniff catalog. Check out those flavors!! Pancakes? Cinnamon rolls? Can you appear on my table now? 


These fruits look incredible, too! 

I have to say, Yankee Candle has some great spreads. If you’re not excited for fall, check out their catalog, their website, or walk into one of their stores. I bet you’ll be sold! 

Finally I set back to work. This weekend my sister and I are going to Boston which means I need to finish as much work as I can before we leave. 

Maybe one more sip of wine will help… 

(Disclaimer: No candles were purchased in the production of this post. But I sure did want some creamy caramel and some autumn fruit!)


Do you have a favorite fall scent? There are some pretty tough choices to choose from!

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  1. September 18, 2010 9:02 am

    I love the smell of warm apple crsip!

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