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Get Freaky for Girls Night

September 12, 2010

And that’s just what we did!

Ok, hold on. Let me explain.

Last night was a designated girl’s night to celebrate the first weekend back at school and the beginning of our senior year. Of course we took a classic group shot, compliments of the Canon Powershot’s 10-second timer.

This was when we started out. It was quite early in the evening and we thought it best to take a photo or two earlier rather than later in case good times chaos ensued. It was a good plan. We were proud of ourselves.

Since there were only a handful or so of us, we thought we should have some more guests. Needless to say, burritos, wine, games, and Mike’s were all invited to the festivities. Eventually the elastic band pants made their appearance but there’s no reason to explain that…

The girls insisted we go to this little hold in the wall restaurant called Sapo’s Freaky Burrito. They had all been there before and raved about it. I was in. Who isn’t up for burritos? (Minus those who don’t like them).

Check this out. Even if you don’t like burritos or quesadillas or nachos or salsa, you have got to love these menus. PERFECT for girls night!

I’m loving the pink.

Sapo’s, or better yet, Freaky’s, has a good menu, decent prices, and will make any items to-go as well. The atmosphere inside wasn’t bad either. The restaurant is cozy, with warm lighting, bright colors on the walls, pillows, benches, a bar, and even an outdoor patio. I loved that they have pillows because so often I feel so far away from the table, especially when sitting on a bench. Maybe it’s because I’m on the shorter side? Or maybe it’s just my grandma status. Anyway, it was perfect to grab a pillow and prop it behind my back.  

After browsing the menu, I decided to kick things up a notch and get really freaky.  That’s right. I know you saw it on the menu.

I ordered a Grilled Chicken Burrito- No Pants.

With the chicken I ordered onions, lettuce, rice, cheese, and salsa. Chips made their way to the party but I didn’t let them in the door. Instead, I cleared my plate of that no-pants-burrito and enjoyed every.last.bite. SO good!

After dinner we made our way back to their house, which is when we were joined by more guests.

Hm, I may or may not have poured this baby into a wine glass. You know, for appearance’s sake. And because I’m classy like that.

Bring out the board games!

Great times and many laughs ensued. I also would like to think that our skills increased by the hour. =)  We played Cranium Pop 5 and Taboo. Such fun games! An awesome way to end the first week of classes and begin the academic year.


What do you and your friends do for designated “nights?” Any board game lovers out there?

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  1. September 13, 2010 8:28 am

    Looks like a great time!

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