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Apple a Day

September 11, 2010

While I enjoy stalking browsing other blogs daily about their eats, I’m not inclined to post my every meal or snack. This is just my personal taste (get it?) for my own blog.  Of course I’m not saying I won’t post any food. That is certainly not the case! I’ll post my eats here and there, but this isn’t a three-a-day food blog.

For the zero left of you still reading… I really want to dedicate this space to the “everyday” musings and simple things in life. Big things will happen and be documented (I count apple picking a part of those BIG things), but I also want to illustrate the beauty of the small. Our daily life, mine included, is go, go, go. It may be “just the way it is” and life in general, but let’s take some time to just be, revel, and appreciate. I’m sure a lot of people could use a few sides of simple in their life! 

So, while I just finished telling you how I won’t be documenting everythingI eat, lay your eyes upon this beauty.

I LOVE apples. One of my very favorite things to do in the fall is go to an orchard near my home in NY and pick apples with my family. We have a long standing tradition of having some (read: by some I mean at least a group of 20 total people) cousins come up from Long Island during a weekend in October. That day we go wander about the orchards, smell the delicious aroma of just-baked old-fashioned donuts, ride the hay-tractor, and sip fresh apple cider.  We’re those people who have the map and are on the hunt to stake out our glen of picking trees. It can get pretty intense, I’m not going to lie. And we pick bags and bags and bags of apples.It’s the time of year when the trees in NY turn those perfect shades of gold and yellow, brilliant hues of red and brown, and make the Hudson Valley a location to pine over. You can taste the holiday season brewing and revel in the good times to come.

I love it.  

Yes, I know. It’s not exactly that time yet. But it’s just around the corner. I can literally taste it.

For right now, the extra-large bag of gala apples that I purchased from the grocery store will have to suffice.

Not that I’m complaining or anything. And a cup of tea is the perfect simple side.


Do you, your friends, or family have any long standing traditions for the fall? If not, get out and make one!

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  1. September 11, 2010 3:25 pm

    Apples have been one of my favorite fruits for YEARS!!! And this time of year is the best for them!

  2. September 12, 2010 1:28 pm

    MMM apples! I can never get enough of ’em! They can be a snack, they can go with breafast, used in dinners…and best of all they make great desserts 🙂

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