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Start of a Final Chapter

September 9, 2010

Back online! I just got the internet hooked up in my apartment (I know… days without internet?) so this post is a bit late. Tuesday was my move back to school, here’s a recap.

Road to School

My move back to school went as well as I could have hoped. Dad drove my car and I rode in the other car with my mom. We of course amuse ourselves the majority of the trip and convince ourselves that if Cindy Lauper comes on the radio, dad is of course singing along to it in front of us. If you knew my dad, you would sincerely and highly doubt that he would ever even mention Lauper’s name, but the thought of it makes us laugh.

I’m in the same apartment as I was in last fall (spring I was abroad) but I was surprised to see that the landlord cleaned the place up a bit. Not that it was a mess or anything, but it was cleaned really well and there were some new appliances, which makes any foodie happy.

Thank God for my parents. They make everything go so smoothly and help me so much with moving my boxes, bags, and desk.

After all our their hard work we decided to take a walk downtown for a little bit. It was nice to stretch our legs. I was so happy they didn’t have to leave right away since I know it’s a long drive back home for them.

Outdoor Dining

We came to a group decision that we were hungry just as we passed the smells wafting from O’Brien’s Pub. Hello, Ireland!

Ireland... and pizza?

It was a neat bar/restaurant atmosphere and the temperature was just right for sitting outside so we gave it a try.

Inviting and Open

The food was great! And they accepted us in our (actually, just mine) hair and attire of “I just moved into my apartment.” They look great, ignore me.

Mom and I

Dad and I

They even had a gluten-free menu. My mom and I ordered fries and cole slaw; dad a quesadilla. We were all impressed and decided we had to go back some time for drinks and dinner.

Toast to Senior Year

Basket of Glory

Beautiful Sides

Everything in moderation! Plus, after moving all those boxes we deserved some indulgences. I think the year started off just right!

Once they left my roommate and I caught up for a while as I unpacked all my things. It was really great to see her since we haven’t see each other in over a year. She studied abroad in Paris fall semester and then when I was in Ireland she was back at school. The summer found us both very busy so we didn’t have a chance to meet up. We only started sharing stories and what we’ve been up to in the past months, I’m sure we’ll have more late nights! This year will be really busy with work, classes, and an internship, but I’m looking forward to some good times with quality friends.

Here’s to a healthy, happy, good year!


Anyone else starting a new journey or the next chapter in life? How are you getting ready for what’s to come?

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