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Cup of Yoats

September 6, 2010

I’m moving back to school tomorrow for my senior year. I honestly can’t believe my time in college has gone by so quickly. When you’re in the middle of tests, studying, wine dates, and the new season of your favorite CW show (everything in moderation, right?), time can move along pretty fast.

Last semester I packed my life into two large suitcases. It’s amazing what you “need” and what you can survive just fine with. I can’t believe that my five month semester abroad is over and done with. It was so incredible. It’s definitely a comfort this semester to know that I can come home whenever I want to, though. Plus, I’m very excited to see my friends and be back on my campus and in my university town!

University College Cork, Ireland- Spring 2010 Semester


Today I’m mostly just getting things together, packing up my clothes, running those last few errands, and grabbing some groceries. My mom and I are planning on making a few things for meals that I can freeze and defrost when I need them. I think some meatballs, a fresh pot of red sauce, and spinach (crack) balls are on the menu. I’m living in an apartment, not an on-campus dorm room, so I have a kitchen and can make my own meals. It’s definitely nice though to grab something homemade out of the freezer when I get out of a late class and don’t have time to cook!

Living in my own kitchen apartment also makes it much easier for me to eat gluten-free because I choose what I’m paying for and what I eat. At the cafeteria at my university it would be frustrating because the selection is small so I would be very limited. Plus, I enjoy walking into a kitchen. It adds a homey quality to life.


To start my last morning off well at home, I enjoyed a nice cup of yoats with my morning beverage of choice, tea. I love my yogurt with a sprinkle of old-fashioned oats mixed. I let it sit for a little bit in the fridge (usually while I’m making my tea) and then enjoy the thick-like quality the oats have from the yogurt. It’s nothing new. But I’m not sure everyone drops in a little blob on peanut butter before they scoop their yogurt into the cup. That is the secret. Because when you take it back out of the fridge after letting it sit, the PB is hard. And it’s a little surprise that you (almost) forgot about when you’re eating your yogurt. It’s an art, really. Who doesn’t love the very bottom of the PB jar? Anyway, it’s my favorite.

I better get to packing. But breakfast tastes so much better.

…..I could really use a Mary Poppins bag right now.

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  1. September 6, 2010 11:23 pm

    Hey, thanks for the comment, your page looks great as well! I love your tea mug, btw. I’m such a newb at blogging, so it’s definitely a learning process, but I’m excited to get started- maybe we’ll learn some of this stuff together, eh? Good luck, I’ll be reading 🙂

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